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Get access to online workouts and education through 120 Online. Contact us for more info.

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A True Family
We are where you are. We are community-based and family friendly!

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Fun Gains
Gain strength, power, speed, and endurance all while having fun!

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The CrossFit 120 Family
CrossFit 120 is a family friendly fitness facility with an emphasis on Community. Our staff/coaches meet our clients where they are. Even better is our clients support each other. Crossfit is a core strength & conditioning program. Crossfit 120 is the like-minded community that builds upon that program.
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You do not have to be in shape or have a current fitness routine to start CrossFit. We work with clients of all ages, body types, and ability levels ranging from the elite RX CrossFitter to the sport specific: professional, college, high or middle school athlete, to the busy mom and dad, or someone just beginning their fitness journey.
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Our programming is tailored to the individual and is geared to meet you where you are in life but will provide the challenge you are looking for to help you reach your goals. Our gym is proud to be a close community of people from all walks of life who support each other every day!
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The Big Picture
We provide lasting results, that are sustainable, and focus on the big picture: Fitness and Nutrition. CF 120 offers personalized nutrition coaching through our partner, Rx Nutrition Coaching, as an "a la carte" supplement to our program options.
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In the Community
We understand that everyone's schedule is different and have optimized our schedule to meet the demand of yours. We are conveniently located in the Park Plaza shopping center, just below Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill. Come on in and check us out!
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What Our Clients Say

CrossFit 120 has changed my life in ways that I have never imagined. I am stronger mentally and physically, and I am more confident than ever before.
Kendra Fordham
If you're anything like me, I'm sure the idea of taking that first step of trying out CrossFit can be intimidating. Whether you are trying to lose weight or improve your fitness, CrossFit 120 is just around the corner, so give it a try.
Bobby Ryan
I have now been at CrossFit 120 for about 5 months and can't imagine ever leaving! The trainers are amazing.
Heather Braun
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